Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Allen DNA Patrilineage project page is up

The official page for this project is now up:

Much more information there.

- William Bernard Allen

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our Haplogroup

Our haplogroup is I2a1 if you are a member of this haplogroup, then you might be related to us. Are you a direct male decendant of an Allen or Alleyne? If so your Y Chromosome will tell.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Project Overview


My name is William Bernard Allen and I am the creator of this blog and project manager for the Allen I2a1 Patrilineage Project. I live in Tampa, Florida but my Allen line jumps to Illinois from here and then down to Texas for several generations. Of course we eventually tie into the Allen's from North Carolina and Virginia.

I took a DNA test a year or so ago at and joined the Allen Surname project.

The Allen Project has about 260 members and you can see the Y-Chromosome results if you follow the link I provide to the right on the front page and click on Y-DNA results. The particular line I am in and I believe you might be in is the Salmon colored group called I Subgroup A.

Luckily there are only 18-19 of us in that particular group so we don't have to sort out 260 trees. I have contacted all of these individuals and most have pooled together to consolidate our respective trees into one master tree. Now we all are genetically related, that's been proven with the DNA test, and most of us can trace our trees back to the same Allen's from North Carolina and Virginia. So the plan is to consolidate our trees into one master tree and come up with a family DNA signature.

If you have been forwarded this link, then you are either researching our Allen line or have taken a DNA test that ties you into our line. If you are an Allen male,you would need to test at using at least a 37 marker test. Contact me or John Robb before you do, as the price for Allen project members is cheaper, $119 for a 37 marker test I believe. If you are a female and have no access to Allen male DNA to test, I would have to refer you to John Robb our professional on whether or not you can join the project.

Our professional Genealogist is John B. Robb. He will be doing the difficult job of creating the DNA signature and consolidating the tree.

I have added a link to his site.

- William Bernard Allen

Pomery Article / The Beginning

This article by Chris Pomery gave me the Idea of consolidating our trees with the help of DNA.

   How many hours have I spent researching my family tree on and Genealogy boards? How many hours have you spent? How much money have we spent on DNA tests only to connect with others that are researching the same lines. I thought about this after reading the article above.

    If we had a central researcher that could consolidate our trees and compare our DNA results, think about the time and money we could save. Also many of us have hit dead ends in our research, why not join a group of likeminded family to pool our resources as well as data to overcome these dead ends.

   The Pomery admins were able to drop the number of active Pomery family trees from about 300 to 49. I want to do the same thing with the I2a1 Allens from America. This year it would be great if we could consolidate to one or two trees. Then we would all be dealing with the same data and it could be reviewed by each of us for errors.